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How About Gifting a Video Book Instead of a Scrap Book to Your Special One?

Trends change with time and the best part about it is that you get innovative ideas to gift your special one on special occasions.

Having a friend’s birthday? Wish to gift your partner a creative first anniversary gift? Well, scrapbooks are definitely creative but at the same time, an old idea to execute upon. What if you can accumulate all the memories and present it to your special one in the form of a video book?

Codnix Studio is here to present you yet another level of creativity. With this innovative app that is available free on the Google play store, you can turn a picture into a video just by pointing your smartphone towards it. How innovative, right?

Let’s assume that it’s your wedding anniversary this month and you’d want to gift to your partner something that can revive all your wedding day memories in a flash. Having a photo album is obvious. So, all you need to do is download the app, open it and point your phone at the photo and voila! You see the picture transforming into a video instantly.

Well, that’s not it! You can even use its exquisite features like adding soothing or romantic music in the background while playing the video. It all depends on how personalise you wish to get with the video.

In short, Codnix Studio app has the potential to bring your memories to life in no time. Not only a wedding album, but you can also revive all the memories like your graduation day, your baby’s first steps or first birthday or even your last year’s holidays into a video book.

Sounds great? Then why wait! Start making the video book and gift your special ones with the most creative gift this year!

Download Codnix Studio app today!

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