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You Can Bring Your Photos To Life Just Like in Harry Potter Movies!

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? Do you remember how those photos of books and newspaper used to come in life? Well, what if we say that it can happen in real life too? No, no, we are not talking about some wizard tricks and magic. We are talking about Codnix Studio, an Augmented Reality inspired application which can bring your pictures to life.

The idea behind Codnix Studio App is to offer a way to bring your precious memories to life using augmented reality. Yes, your wedding pictures, marketing imagery and event photography can be brought to life with speech, video, voiceover and music.

Imagine yourself holding a phone over your wedding picture and have a short video play with a music track? Even in the corporate set-ups and meetings, you can scan a picture of a person and get a small presentation with links to website and contact details. The possibilities are endless!

What’s more, it only takes a few seconds to create your precious moment. All you need to do is download the Codnix Studio app from Google Play Store and install in on your smartphone. You might also need to print out the still image. Once ready, you can open the app and scan the still picture with the app. That’s it and your video will start playing. Still, if you need any further assistance you can visit our website and have a look at our demo video for better understanding.

It’s time to revive all your memories like your baby’s first step, your vacation pictures, your graduation day, and what not! What’s more; you can download

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